TYLINK 2000 | TL2060-C4


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Tyson TYLINK 2000 series high security lock

The TYLINK 2000 is designed to be mounted onto a gate, a solid wall or a frame, or to the ground. The lock body is cast in 316 stainless steel and offers good corrosion resistance. The case hardened steel links are black e-coated for good corrosion resistance as well.

Once the lock body is mounted the mounting screws are not accessible when the system is locked and can only be removed in the unlocked position.

The TYLINK 2000 has a ‘deadlocked’ design. This protects the lock from being rapped, shimmed or prised open. It also assures the key holder that the system will not be locked without their authority.

The TYLINK 2000 is supplied with a standard (C4) 6-pin ‘Key-in-Knob’ style cylinder which can be upgraded to most high security cylinder systems.

SKU: TL2060-C4