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TYSON has developed the TYLINK system which is a new concept in high security link-locking methods and is designed to replace conventional padlock and chain-link arrangements. It is also designed to provide far greater security than the traditional systems and represents a quantum leap forward in both quality and strength.

Conventional hardened alloy steel chain can be cut with bolt cutters where the TYLINK has proved resistant.

This steel chain is often coupled together with a number of padlocks to create multiple entry points. This is low security as this locking system could be broken into at a number of points with hand tools.

Also the site manager would have little idea as to who holds the keys to the padlocks or how many keys are in circulation.

Good security is not only the level of resistance to attack but good key control as well.

The TYLINK 2000 solves these problems as it is purpose built to increase the security of gates. A padlock cannot be added to the linkage to put in an additional locking point, so the site manager can always have key control. This is more so when the lock cylinder is upgraded to a restricted key system or to a higher security keying system as authority is needed when an additional key is required.

TYLINK resisting boltcutters

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